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Unless otherwise noted, all of the following e-texts are in Middle English.

Multimedia Chaucer

  • The Canterbury Tales I, II, III (video)--An Emmy Award-winning adaptation of Geoffrey Chaucer’s classic literary work that incorporates model animation. Part of the multi-volume World Literary Classics Series. (N.B. Word has it that this version from is in modern English
  • Chaucer: Life and Times (CD-ROM) (Available through PSMedia or Use each site's search function and look under "Chaucer.") Chaucer Studio (Cassette recordings of Chaucerian and other Middle English texts available for purchase at very reasonable prices) Films for the Humanities and Sciences (This site has for sale a few different short videos on The Canterbury Tales plus "Geoffrey Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales" on CD-ROM. The best way to find them is to choose the "Browse by Subject" option on the home page, click on "English Literature," then scroll down the catalog page. For some reason the "quick search" box wouldn't turn up any hits when I tested it with the keyword "Chaucer.")
  • Hengwrt Manuscript Digital Facsimile (Edited by Estelle Stubbs of the U. of Sheffield, published by Scholarly Digital Editions. This CD_ROM, the first-ever full colour facsimile of the Hengwrt Chaucer manuscript (National Library of Wales Peniarth 392 D), brings together images of the manuscript with transcriptions of the text and collations with the Ellesmere manuscript in the Huntington Library.)
  • Romaunt of the Rose (A digital edition of Glasgow University's unique 'Romaunt of the Rose' manuscript, Glasgow University Library MS Hunter 409. The web site also includes the entire digitised text of the poem from the 1532 Thynne edition for comparison. Edited by Professor Graham Caie.)

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Animated versions of some of the Canterbury Tales can be found on YouTube, for example:

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Manuscript Images

  • Hunterian Library Exhibition: The World of Chaucer - web version of the catalogue of an exhibition of manuscripts and early printed books from Glasgow University Libraryheld at the Hunterian Museum 15 May to 28 August 2004
  • Bodleian Library - A collection of images from Western European manuscripts from the 11th-17th centuries
  • DScriptorium - Jesse Hurlbut, Brigham Young University
  • Hill Monastic Manuscript Library - one of the largest and most comprehensive archives of medieval and Renaissance sources in the world; since its founding in 1965, the Hill Monastic Manuscript Library has sent teams of researchers and technicians to film more than 25 million pages from nearly 90,000 volumes in libraries and archives throughout Europe, the Middle East and North Africa
  • Medieval Manuscript Leaves - a collection of 51 leaves from Western European manuscripts from the 12th-16th centuries at the Melbert B. Cary, Jr. Graphic Arts Collection, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Harley MS 1758 - late 14th Century text held by the British Library; the manuscript can no longer be handled by the public without special permission but it is available to all via their website

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