Teachers’ Workshop

Schedule for Pre-Conference Day for Teachers

10 JULY, 2016

9:30-10:00  Morning coffee

10:00-11:30  Roundtable
                     Panelists: Susanna Fein, David Raybin, John Fyler, Candace Barrington, Isabel Davis, David Wallace, Kara McShane, Leah Haught

11:30-12:45  Business meeting
                     Chairs: Kara Crawford, John Longo
                     Questions to address: 

  • In what ways would we like to organize ourselves?
  • How shall we communicate as we continue?
  • What specific issues and topics does our group need to discuss both now and in the future?
  • Other questions/concerns the group would like to consider going forward.

12:45-1:45  Lunch (with NCS High School Teachers' Committee, trustees, and teachers)

2:00-3:30  Session: Relevance/Difference--Both?

  1. Sally Frostic, Bud Wermer Memorial Library/Oak Park and River Forest High School (Retired)— “Comparing Middle English and more Familiar Language Patterns”
  2. Mary Kay Waterman, The Lovett School — “So Little Tyme and Space”: A Chaucer Inquiry Project
  3. Mark Randolph, Greenhills School —“’How Shal the world be served?’: Theological, Rhetorical and Political Frameworks for the teaching of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales” 
  4. Cristin VanderPlas, John F. Kennedy Catholic High School— “Gender Identify in The Wife of Bath's ‘Prologue’ and ‘Tale’ and ‘The Pardoner's Tale’”
  5. Timothy Cox, Arizona State University — “Challenges and Possibilities teaching Chaucer in Secondary Schools"
  6. Jaclyn Silvestri, The Dwight School — “Theatrical Approaches to Geoffrey Chaucer”​

3:30-3:45  Coffee

3:45-5:15  Session: Reading Medieval Today

  1. Ruth Lexton, Wellington College — "Chaucer’s 'Pardoner’s Tale' as Gothic: Categorising the Medieval in the Secondary Classroom"
  2. Karen Patton-McShane, Phoenixville Area High School — "Using Fables as an Introduction to Chaucer"
  3. Lori Ayotte, Sharon High School — "From Disney Princesses to Rape Culture: Using Contemporary Texts to Read The Canterbury Tales"
  4. Lisa Warman, Palm Beach International Academy — "Geoffrey Chaucer, the Medieval Modernist"

5:30  Wine hour with participants and trustees