Schedule: Monday 11 July

8:30-4:30     Registration
(Arts 2 lobby)

9:30-10:30    Business Meeting
(Arts 2 Lecture Theatre)

10:30-11:00     Coffee Break

11:00-12:30    Plenary Session
(People’s Palace Theatre)
Moderator: Paul Strohm (Emeritus, Columbia University)
“Did Shakespeare Live in Chaucer’s London?”
Discussants: Helen Barr (Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford), Farah Karim-Cooper (Shakespeare’s Globe), Bruce Holsinger (University of Virginia), Gordon McMullan (King’s College London)

12:30-2:00    Lunch

2:00-3:30    SESSIONS: GROUP 1

1A Roundtable: Queer Manuscripts: The Textuality of Error (1)
(Bancroft 1.13)
Thread: Error
Organizers: Roberta Magnani, Swansea University, and Diane Watt, University of Surrey
Chair: Diane Watt

  1. Sara Petrosillo, University of California, Davis, “Temporal Orifices in the Huntington MS HM 114 Troilus
  2. Samantha Katz Seal, University of New Hampshire, “The Queer and Broken Text: Rhetorics of Fragmentation in Fifteenth-Century Manuscript Compilations of The Canterbury Tales” 
  3. Miriamne Ara Krummel, University of Dayton, “Marginalia as Cop: Policing Queer Temporality in Harley 2382”
  4. Catherine S. Cox, University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown, “Queer Margins and the Hermeneutics of Manuscript (Non-)Conformity”
  5. Zachary E. Stone, University of Virginia, “Cecilia among the Saints: William Cotson, the Queerness of Print and the Autumn of the Middle Ages”

1B Roundtable: Chaucer and the Digital Age
(Bancroft 1.13a)
Thread: Medieval Media
Organizer: Kara Crawford, The Bishop’s School
Chair: Kara Crawford

  1. Lee Read, Wilde Lake High School, “Tools for ‘best sentence and moost solaas’: Using Digital Tools to Introduce Chaucer"
  2. Jennifer Alberghini, CUNY Graduate Center, “Teaching Writing through Chaucer: A Lesson on Plagiarism and Source Integration”
  3. Andrew Kraebel, Trinity University, “The Variant Archive: Mining Manly and Rickert”
  4. Betsy McCormick, Mount San Antonio College, “Geoffrey Chaucer, Game Designer?”

1C Seminar: Popularizing Pedagogy
(Skeel Lecture Theatre)
Thread: Scientiae
Organizers: Susan Phillips, Northwestern University, and Claire Waters, University of California-Davis
Chairs: Susan Phillips and Claire Waters

  1. Katharine Breen, Northwestern University, “Personification as Pedagogy"
  2. Irina Dumitrescu, University of Bonn, “Schooling Synonymy”
  3. Lisa H. Cooper, University of Wisconsin–Madison, “‘A suffisant Astrolabie’: Pedagogy and the Poetics of Know-How”
  4. Robyn Malo, Purdue University, “Vernacular Confession as Pedagogical Innovation? Confessional Formulas and the Manuscript Anthology”
  5. Ryan McDermott, University of Pittsburgh, “Robert Grosseteste and the Castle of Love: ‘English Theology’ through the Ages”
  6. Nicole D. Smith, University of North Texas, “‘A Christian Mannes Bileeve,’ Women Readers, and Vernacular Theology”

Pre-circulated materials for this seminar can be found at

1D Paper Panel: The East of England
(Bancroft 1.15)
Thread: Chaucerian Networks
Organizer: Stephen Partridge, University of British Columbia
Chair: Stephen Partridge

  1. Heather Blurton, University of California, Santa Barbara, “‘Through all this region’: Ritual Murder Cults in Late Medieval East Anglia”
  2. Andreea Boboc, University of the Pacific, “Doubilness, Prudence, and Sovereign Personhood in John Lydgate’s Troy Book
  3. Holly James-Maddocks, Saint Louis University, “The Illuminators of the East of England: Localising Decorated Copies of Middle English Literature”

1E Paper Panel: Performing Gendered Sacred Spaces
(Bancroft 3.26)
Thread: Ritual, Pageant, Spectacle
Organizer: Emma Lipton, University of Missouri
Chair: Emma Lipton

  1. Liz Herbert McAvoy, Swansea University, “Containing and Performing Gendered Spaces in the (Sacred) hortus conclusus
  2. Margaret Pappano, Queen's University, “The Space of the Hortulanus: Liturgical Drama in Medieval Convents”
  3. Meisha Lohmann, Binghamton University, “Queer Sanctity in the Digby Mary Magdalene

1F Roundtable: Are We Dark Enough Yet? Pale Faces 2016 
(Arts 2 Lecture Theatre)
Thread: Corporealities
Organizer: Jeffrey J. Cohen, George Washington University
Chair: Jeffrey J. Cohen

  1. Wan-Chuan Kao, Washington and Lee University, “#PaleFacesMatter?”
  2. Candace Barrington, Central Connecticut State University, “Beyond the Anglophone Inner Circle of Chaucer Studies”
  3. Jerrell Allen, Indiana University, “Races without Bodies: The Medieval Invention of Whiteness”
  4. Cord Whitaker, Wellesley College, “Pale Like Me: Resistance, Assimilation, and ‘Pale Faces’ Sixteen Years On” 
  5. Dorothy Kim, Vassar College, “The Unbearable Whiteness of Medieval Studies”

1G Roundtable: Networks in Late-Medieval Manuscripts
Thread: Chaucerian Networks
Organizers: Michael Madrinkian, University of Oxford
Chair: Michael Madrinkian

  1. A. S. G. Edwards, University of Kent, “Middle English Manuscript Networks and Non-Networks”
  2. Michael Johnston, Purdue University, “Provincial Scribal Networks”
  3. Helen Fulton, University of Bristol, “Multilingual Manuscripts on the March of Wales”
  4. Kenna L. Olsen, Mount Royal University, “Through the Maze via the Margins: Establishing the Evidence for Manuscript Networks in the Age of Chaucer”
  5. Simon Horobin, Magdalen College, Oxford, “‘Go litel bok’: The Circulation of Chaucer’s Troilus and Criseyde

1H Roundtable: The Social Worlds in Troilus and Criseyde
(David Sizer LT)
Organizers: John M. Hill, U.S. Naval Academy, and Lawrence Besserman, Hebrew University
Chair: John M. Hill

  1. Natalie Hanna, University of Liverpool. “‘Myn owen swete herte’: Love and Lies in Troilus and Criseyde
  2. Sheri Smith, Cardiff University, “Binding, Bliss and Boethius: Prayer in Troilus and Criseyde
  3. Maud McInerney, Haverford College, “‘These fragments have I shored against my ruins’: Citation as Pathology in Troilus
  4. Brian Gastle, Western Carolina University, “The Business of Translating Love in Troilus and Criseyde

1I Paper Panel: Surveillance (1): Making Visible
Organizer: Sylvia Tomasch, Hunter College (CUNY)
Chair: Sylvia Tomasch

  1. Thomas Goodmann, University of Miami, “Everywhere & Nowhere: Surveilling the Friars”
  2. Ellen K. Rentz, Claremont McKenna College, “Neighborhood Watch”
  3. Sealy Gilles, Long Island University-Brooklyn, “Surveilling the Leper: A High Stakes Game”

3:30-4:00     Coffee Break

4:00-5:30    SESSIONS: GROUP 2

2A Roundtable: London Living: Topographies, Orientations, Hardware
(Arts 2 Lecture Theatre)
Thread: London: Books, Texts, Lives
Organizer: Sarah Stanbury, College of the Holy Cross
Chair: Sarah Stanbury

  1. Matthew Boyd Goldie, Rider University, “The Local: Middle English Proximities”
  2. Martha Carlin, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, “Public Inns, in and around London”
  3. Joyce Coleman, University of Oklahoma, “Criseyde’s Paved Parlor, in Troy and Troynovant”
  4. Laura Varnam, University College, Oxford, “‘Þe ȝateȝ stoken watȝ neuer ȝet’: London, the New Jerusalem, and the Hardware of ‘Entre’”
  5. Marion Turner, Jesus College, University of Oxford, “Metaphors Chaucer Lived By”

2B Paper Panel: Problem Texts (1)
(Bancroft 1.13)
Thread: Error
Organizer: Megan Cook, Colby College
Chair: Megan Cook

  1. Gania Barlow, Oakland University, “‘The book of the xxv. Ladies’?: Reading Errors Productively in Chaucer's Catalogues”
  2. Zachary Hines, University of Texas at Austin, “The Other ‘Ploughman's Tale’: Reading Pseudo-Chaucer in Oxford, Christ Church MS 152”
  3. Thomas Prendergast, College of Wooster, “The Implausible Plausibility of the Canterbury Interlude”

2C Roundtable: Household Knowledges (1)
Thread: Scientiae
Organizer: Glenn Burger, Queens College and The Graduate Center, CUNY 
Chair: Glenn Burger

  1. Nadine Kuipers, University of Groningen, “Field Knowledge in Gentry Households”
  2. Michael Leahy, University of Nottingham, “Medical Miscellanies and the Dissolving of Household Hierarchies”
  3. Jennifer Borland, Oklahoma State University, “Domesticating Health Knowledge with the Régime du corps
  4. Isabel Davis, Birkbeck, University of London, “Chantry Culture and ‘Household Knowledges’”

2D Paper Panel: Chaucerian Shibboleths (1): Age of Faith
Thread: Uses of the Medieval
Organizer: Ryan McDermott, University of Pittsburgh and Michelle Karnes, Stanford University
Chair: Ryan McDermott

  1. Miri Rubin, Queen Mary University of London, “Fides”
  2. Ed Craun, Washington and Lee University, “Historicism”
  3. Megan Murton, Catholic University of America, “Doctrine”

2E Paper Panel: Texts in Plays/Plays in Texts 
(Bancroft 1.13a)
Thread: Ritual, Pageant, Spectacle
Organizer: Tamara Atkin, Queen Mary, University of London
Chair: Tamara Atkin

  1. Ann Killian, Yale University, “Song-Writing in the N-Town Manuscript”
  2. Katie Little, University of Colorado-Boulder, “Everyman and English Humanism”
  3. Sue Niebrzydowski, Bangor University, “Playing by the Book: Women, Books of Hours, and Medieval Marian Drama”

2F Paper Panel: Sweetness: The Possibilities of Pleasure
(Bancroft 1.15)
Thread: Literary Forms
Organizers: Peggy Knapp, Carnegie-Mellon University, Richard Newhauser, Trinity University, and Jessica Rosenfeld, Washington University in St. Louis
Chair: Peggy Knapp

  1. David Raybin, Eastern Illinois University, “Strange Magic”
  2. Walter Wadiak, Nanyang Technological University – Singapore, “‘For shrewednesse, hym thoughte the tale swete’: Pleasure and Alienation in Chaucer’s Writing”
  3. Maura Nolan, University of California-Berkeley, “The Particularities of Pleasure: The Face of Sensation”

2G Paper Panel: Chaucerian Controversialisms 
(Bancroft 3.26)
Thread: Uses of the Medieval
Organizer: Michael P. Kuczynski, Tulane University
Chair: Michael P. Kuczynski

  1. Nancy Bradley Warren, Texas A&M University, “Catholic Chaucer: Confessional Controversy and the Early Modern Canon”
  2. Ana Sáez-Hidalgo, Universidad de Valladolid, “‘A subject seldom handled by ladies’: Recusant Readings of Medieval Women”
  3. R. F. Yeager, University of West Florida, “John Gower and That Old Time Religion”

2H Paper Panel: Varieties of Literacy
(Skeel Lecture Theatre)
Organizers: Christopher Cannon, New York University, and Emily Steiner, University of Pennsylvania
Chair: Elizabeth Robertson, University of Glasgow

  1. Katherine Zieman, University of Oxford, “Miraculous Multitasking and Misbehaving Minds: Attention and Devotional Literacy”
  2. Jeremy Smith, University of Glasgow, “Chaucerian Reception: Insights from New Philology and Historical Pragmatics”

2I  Paper Panel: Middle English Literature and the Archives (1): London 
(David Sizer LT)
Organizers: Julia Boffey, Queen Mary University of London, and Ryan Perry, University of Kent
Chair: Julia Boffey

  1. Brendan O’Connell, Trinity College Dublin, “Saint Erkenwald and the Library of Old Saint Paul’s”
  2. Peter Brown, University of Kent, Canterbury, “Hoccleve in the Archives”
  3. Matthew Payne, Westminster Abbey, “The London Archival Context for Chaucer Studies”

5:30-6:30 Poster Session
Organizers: Ruth Evans, Saint Louis University, and Laura Saetveit Miles, University of Bergen
Launch of Poster Session.  During this session, poster presenters are invited to stand alongside their posters to field questions and engage in discussion. Posters will be exhibited for the duration of the Congress.

  1. Stephanie Amsel, Southern Methodist University, “Trecento Illuminated Biccherna and Gabella book covers at the Archivio di Stato, Siena, Italy”
  2. Sarah Baechle, University of Notre Dame, “Visualizing Interiority: Corporeal Metaphor, Cognition, and the Affective Reader”
  3. Annika Cunningham, University of Michigan, “Chaucer’s Chessboard: Reading Spaces and Spaces for Reading in the Book of the Duchess
  4. Lara Farina, West Virginia University, “Picking up the Pieces: Affect, Gender, and Medieval Studies”
  5. Maia Farrar, University of Michigan, “Reading Fish in Ashmole 61”
  6. Moira Fitzgibbons, Marist College, “Screen-Shotting Fragment I”
  7. R. James Goldstein, Auburn University, “Antanaclasis, Paranomasia, Barbarismus: Varieties of Chaucerian Word Play and Scribal Variance in the Hengwrt and Ellesmere MSS”
  8. Karen Gross, Lewis & Clark College, “Seven Seals of the English Apocalypse”
  9. Alison Harper, University of Rochester, “A ‘Haphazard’ Miscellany? Some Thematic Links Between Booklets 1 and 4 in London, Lambeth Palace, MS 306”
  10. Tania Kolarik, University of North Texas, “Weaving for Mary: The Suggestion of Performing Patronage in Santa Maria Maggiore”
  11. Ruen-chuan Ma, Columbia University, “Aurality and Visuality in the Mise-en-Page of Chaucerian Manuscripts”
  12. Tomonori Matsushita, Senshu University, “Differences and Distances of the Piers Plowman: The A-Version Manuscripts”
  13. J. R. Mattison, Jesus College, University of Oxford/University of Toronto, “Tables of Contents in Lydgate’s Fall of Princes
  14. Mariah Min, University of Pennsylvania, “A Litel Thyng and a Myrie Tale”
  15. Yoshiyuki Nakao, Professor Emeritus Hiroshima University, “Chaucer’s Language Embodied: Progressive Diminution in Sir Thopas
  16. Christine Neufeld, Eastern Michigan University, “Syllabic Noise: Visual/Sonic Cross-hatching in L’Envoy de Chaucer”
  17. Tamara O’Callaghan, Northern Kentucky University, and Andrea Harbin, SUNY Cortland, “The Augmented Palimpsest: From Chaucer to ChaucAR”
  18. Jessica Rezunyk, Bayview Glen, “'Gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche': Multimodal Literacies and The Canterbury Tales
  19. Justyna Rogos-Hebda, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, “To Err Is Scribal: Correction Practices in Two Manuscripts of Lydgate’s Siege of Thebes”
  20. William M. Storm, Eastern University, “London: The English New Jerusalem”
  21. Katherine Terrell, Hamilton College, “Chaucer in Scotland: Networks of Transmission”
  22. Deborah Thorpe, University of York, “‘Inglourious Bâtarde’: Tracing the Impact of Neurological Disorders and Ageing in the Work of Scribes”
  23. Krista Sue-Lo Twu, University of Minnesota-Duluth, “Chaucer’s Boece: Literary(?)”
  24. Erin Wagner, Urbana University, “Reginald Pecock and Speculative Grammar in the Vernacular”
  25. Erica Weaver, Harvard University, “Other Kinds of Extinction: W.S. Merwin’s Medieval Poetics” ​


6:30-7:30    Reception
Generously sponsored by Boydell & Brewer