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Return of the NCS Mentorship Program

The NCS Trustees warmly invite all members of the Society to participate, if they wish, in the second iteration of a mentoring program (begun at the London Congress in 2016) at the upcoming Toronto Congress in July 2018, either as a mentor or as a mentee. The scheme is designed to help graduate students and anyone new to the Society to meet more established scholars in order to feel welcomed and supported during the congress, and also to make or develop professional contacts. We especially welcome participation by students and scholars of historically underrepresented groups. Those who would like to receive mentoring or serve as a mentor should register online using the form below. Shazia Jagot ( Sierra Lomuto (, and Tom Hahn ( will coordinate the exchanges for 2018.

The intent of the mentorship exchanges is for experienced scholars (at any stage of their career, including senior graduate students) to welcome and connect with newer members of the Society and to help facilitate social and professional interaction.   In particular, NCS recognizes documented gaps in the graduate recruiting, tenure-track hiring, and promotion and tenure reception of underrepresented groups within academia; the Society is therefore especially eager to encourage first-generation students, medievalists of color, trans and Gender Non-conforming students and scholars, and other members historically underrepresented in higher education to participate in the mentorship program. 

Like many NCS members, we are aware of and troubled by the ways in which the medieval period is currently being used for racist ends, for example by the alt-right and associated groups. It is important for all of us in medieval studies to take active stock of this and to ponder effective and lasting responses to these issues. Mentors and mentees might wish to raise the topic in the course of their exchanges at the Congress:  here are some resources to help inform that conversation:

Medievalists of Color -
Race and Medieval Studies: A Partial Bibliography -
TEAMS Featured Lesson Resource Page on Race, Racism and the Middle Ages (compiled by Carol L. Robinson) -

The initial extent of the commitment would be for mentees and mentors to meet for a conversation at an agreed-upon time during the conference in question. The continuation of the mentor relationship after the conference is at the discretion of the parties involved.

We will try to make the best match based upon the information provided below. Please do mention specific requests that are not covered: we are unlikely to have thought of everything! If any mentor would be willing to lead a group for dinner one evening at the congress, please could you let us know under ‘Other’?