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NCS Expo2021 and Biennial Congress 2022

The next New Chaucer Society (NCS) biennial congress will be in Durham, England, in July 2022. NCS remains committed to the Biennial Congress and the value of our in-person meetings.

In the summer of 2021 NCS will offer an Expo of research-driven papers and presentations on Chaucer, literature, and culture in the age of Chaucer, and medieval studies.  Expo2021 is not an online congress, but rather a digital showcase. Expo2021 is an opportunity for us to explore new ways of coming together in the wake of the difficulties of the last year, and to reaffirm NCS’s values of building a diverse, inclusive, and progressive scholarly society. 

Even before the coronavirus crisis, NCS was thinking of ways of meeting that would embrace digital technology, widen participation, and have less of a financial and environmental footprint. So Expo2021 is a way of exploring some of the potential benefits of online gatherings. Expo2021 has been put together by current officers and members of NCS, with planning meetings involving the team at Durham, the 2020 Program Committee, and the Trustees of NCS.    

Expo2021 will also be a chance to celebrate Ruth Evans, former Executive Director and outgoing President of the Society. Ruth will be presenting her Presidential Lecture, 'On Not Being Chaucer', as the culmination of Expo2021 and this really gives us something to look forward to.

We will launch the Expo2021 website very shortly, and the social media handle will be #NCSExpo2021.


Anthony Bale, President, New Chaucer Society