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Welcome to the website for the seventeenth biennial international congress of the New Chaucer Society, to be held in Siena, Italy from July 15 to July 19, 2010. Graduate workshops and early registration will take place on Wednesday, July 14. The website contains all current information, and will be updated regularly between now and the congress.

The congress will be held in the new building of the Università per Stranieri, by the railway station. We are deeply grateful to the Università for its extraordinary generosity and sponsorship. We are also receiving generous sponsorship from the Banca Monteriggioni in Siena.

Registration will be handled centrally by the New Chaucer Society at Washington University in St Louis, and payment can be processed online for current NCS members. Delegates will need to book their own hotels: see the list provided under "Accommodation". We recommend you make reservations before March 1, to qualify for the discounts offered. We ask that you notify NCS where you will be staying, either at online registration or by email to, and keep us informed at that email of any changes to your plans. Please let us know of any travel or accommodation problems: we may be able to help.

We look forward to seeing you in Siena!