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NCS Objects Proposed Cuts to Medieval Literature

The New Chaucer Society has written to senior managers at University of Leicester to object to proposed cuts to medieval literature. 

"We are disturbed by your proposals to end the teaching of early English literature, culture, and language. The proposals state that you will provide modules that are 'theoretically innovative and thematically driven'; 'a chronological literary history'; 'a selection of modules on race, ethnicity, sexuality, and diversity; a decolonised curriculum.' There is so reason why these ambitions should not go hand in hand with medieval studies. You go on to say that you will 're-focus and strengthen' English, but in our view you cannot do this by ceasing core parts of your provision. In the University's proposals, the study of early English is presented as being inimical to diversity. This is completely untrue. In fact, these issues are central to the evolving present and future of our field, as they should be to all areas of study."


Anthony Bale, President, The New Chaucer Society

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