Manuscripts should follow the Chicago Manual of Style, sixteenth edition. Your references should consist of footnotes rather than endnotes; these should be double-spaced. After a first full reference, use author's name and a short title for any subsequent references. There should not be a list of works cited.

Please include a separate coversheet with your submission, indicating your name and institutional affiliation, along with the title of your essay. Your submission should be sent as a .doc file by email attachment to the editor, Sarah Salih, The subject line should read, in capitals, NEW SUBMISSION or RESUBMISSION (as appropriate). Enquiries about submission are welcome, to the same address. Unsolicited reviews are not accepted.

Please anonymise your submission to SAC. You should go into the properties menu of your document (via the "file" menu), and remove your name and institutional affiliation if they appear there. Your name and any other identifying information (academic affiliation, address, etc.) should appear only on your coversheet; this information will be removed from copies sent to readers.

Authors receive free twenty offprints of articles and ten of reviews.